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Uni-Fold™ Folding Window Crank

The #1 replacement window crank.
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Folding Window Crank Installation Instructions

1) Take out universal insert and window crank from package. 2) Place universal insert into opening of window crank opposite side of set screw 3) Push universal insert all the way into stem opening
4) Firmly tighten set screw, using a flat head screw driver. (Make sure crank is all the way down on the stem) 5) Open lock(s) on window and test to see if window crank will open and close window 6) Then close the lock(s)
7) Put the window crank in the position shown above 8) Fold up the crank all the way 9) Start to turn the window crank counter-clockwise

10) Continue to turn the window crank 180 from it's position in Diagram #8. 11) Finished position - ready to use!