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Uni-Fold™ Folding Window Crank

The #1 replacement window crank.
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Become a Distributor for our Uni-Fold™ Folding Window Crank

If you currently sell blinds or any other window treatments, becoming a distributor of our Uni-Fold™ Folding Window Crank is a natural add on sales opportunity. For years we have seen how standard window cranks have destroyed expensive blinds like Silhouettes, Pleated Shades, and others, not to mention the lack of aesthetics when their blinds are lowered only to hit their current standard window crank. Once you have completed your sale of window treatments, demonstrate to your client how the Uni-Fold™ Folding Window Crank works to protect their investment as well as improve the aesthetics. Once your customers see the difference, they will order the folding window crank for all of their crank out windows.

People are instantly attracted to this unique product. The average window crank sale is 8-10 cranks per order.

Why become a window cranks retail distributor?
  • Earn discounts on your bulk orders and receive special bonuses for productivity
  • Enhance your site or store with a product seen advertised everywhere
  • Provide your visitors and shoppers with a product 99% of the people could use
The Uni-Fold™ Window Crank is a terrific, inexpensive item that would be a "hot seller" within your store or from your web site. Why? Since the Uni-fold crank folds up out of the way, it will help to protect your customer's blinds from getting ruined when they pull them up. It's also a great safety feature and selling point to the home owner and apartment renter.

Becoming an official distributor is easy. There are no fees to become a retail distributor and we offer you Distributor Bulk Rate prices. If interested, please call our corporate office at 716-685-9574.